with Heinz Gerd and Lera Lange

7. August 2022

Ecstatic dance and movement leading into a music-lead vigorous accelerated mouth breathing session. Holotropic related with fantastic tribal and trance music music! Consciousness expansion and healing – a true shamanic journey. 

Induced by vigorous breathing, sonically driven and elevated by evocative tribal music – you will embark on a great experience of letting go and transformation. A powerful root chakra-clearing and an amazing experience you will never forget!

Move out the cobwebs from your system!!!!

„(Water) Rebirthing – Om Namah Shivaya“ with Silke & Geert

Silke Modersohn from Pura Vida Tenerife and Geert De Vleminck from Joy of Life Breathwork Belgium, both members of the IBF Taskforce, are offering a rebirthing workshop. It might be in the water. It might be not. With the energy of Babaji and the mantra Om Namah Shivaya, both will guide you through a rebirthing breathwork session.

„Working with shame themes in breathwork“ with Dr. Wilfried Ehrmann

7. August 2022

Shame is an unpleasant but enormously important topic. The workshop teaches how we can deal with shame issues and accompany clients. Dr. Wilfried Ehrmann, psychotherapist, breath therapist, book author (e.g. Handbook of Breathwork, Coherent Breathing, Shame, the Mysterious Feeling).

„Life Path Integration“ with Igor Dzeba

Life Path Integration is about building a strong foundation in life and for life, but at the same time the concept is open for explorations necessary for personal development to happen. I believe that we all can change things in aspect of time and effort, but at the same time we need to keep ourself basically grounded and involved in this world and in all happenings in it. That is an ability that can be exercised and developed. Ability to reflect upon yourself and being grounded.

„Neurodynamic Breath Workshop“ with Loralee Joy

Neurodynamic Breath Workshops are 2 hour personal growth experiences structured specifically to allow for healing and self empowerment. Deep focused breathing, combined with dynamic music and a safe container allows breathers to process to release emotions, connect to their intuitive and creative selves and improve health and wellbeing.

„Healing is the gift of life“ with Ghislaine Bouskila

We incarnate to heal. We are here to heal ourselves, our ancestors, and Mother Earth.We are here to learn how to love and how to allow love in.
Love is the most powerful energy there is. 
Love is the language of Mother Earth. 
Using the breath to open your heart to receive the healing energy of the Mother Earth. This will support you in freeing your body of trauma, pain, and confusion in a gentle and self-paced way so that you can fully embody your spiritual, healthy, and grounded energy body. 

Opening the heart chakra requires an understanding and control of the breath, for it is the tool of physical and mental transformation. Anodea Judith Ph D

„Breathing into trauma“ with Gerdi Schulte and Maria Faust

Behind every single shock trauma lies trauma in our own development and thus in the trust of relationships. These traumas are stored as tension and respiratory blockages in the body, in the muscles and in the cells. In this workshop we will breathe into the trauma. We work with selected breathing techniques that have different effects on the vulnerable and traumatized parts of our body. The breath is a visual maker, a source of comfort and an effective force for integration in one instance. We „breathe“ our inner peace in small, gentle and also courageous steps.

„Move YOUR heart with the breath“ with Carolin Vogel

The heart, a central organ in the human system, often receives too little attention and care. We will learn together in theory and practice how easy it is to see, feel, accompany and care for your heart. Together we will explore the role of the breath and how you can use it in your heart care. I am looking forward to meeting you.

„Business-Breathing“ with Peter Vogel

Peter Vogel from Herrsching am Ammersee in Bavaria is a breath therapist, poet and artist. With conscious breathing in business, you can achieve your goals effortlessly and relaxed. Goodbye stress, hello success. Regardless of whether you are employed or self-employed, business breathing brings lightness, clarity and connection into your working life. This is the key to success in your job. In this creative workshop you will get to know the three levels of business breathing. The workshop contains the following contents: 55 % humour, joy and lightness 30 % gained insights 15 %, touch. I am already looking forward to sharing the topic of business breathing with you.

„Healing Collective Trauma“ with Dr. Wilfried Ehrmann

11. August 2022

Collective Trauma is the root of international conflicts and wars. It also can tear societies apart. It is part of every member of a society. In the workshop, we explore our connections to collective trauma and find ways to heal it with the power of breath.

„An Introduction to Decolonial Healing“ with Hannah Kendaru

This talk will be an introduction to decolonial healing, embodied antiracism and embodied social justice as an emergent process. A form of leaning into a more integrated human experience. Moving beyond conversations of diversity and equity, and towards gard(i)enship of what it means to be full participant of an evolving society. This talk is an invitation to shift the ways we have been taught to be in this world. It is a radical reforming of what it means to heal. To heal out of the oppressive systems that we have learned to perpetuate onto our own bodies. It is a return to the age-old wisdom of the body: to remember fully, actively acknowledging, learning and choosing to unlearn the patterns of oppression in order to address the core wounds that we all suffer from today.

„Breathing the song of my soul“ with Sandra Heuschmann

Are you ready…

… to allow your breath to be a bridge to who you truly are and listen to the song of your soul? Imagine, all is your energy and it is always serving you in every breath. What if there is no separation and WE ARE all there is in every moment. Our experiences move through us in time and we could consciously choose what we are manifesting? In every breath you can become aware of the stories that you tell yourself and maybe – if you are willing – from here you create a new future that already exists in your heart? I invite you to come with me on a deep inner journey into your presence and let the breath be your guide. BREATHE and FEEL: This is who you truly are and from here everything arises. There is nothing to do, but ALLOW… Allow to shine our light. Are you ready…?

„Breath, rhythem & sound“ with Harald Kräuter and Serena Dalpalu

Breath, rhythem & sound combines the fundamental principles of life. A combination of dynamic breathing rhythms and healing sounds. Accompanied by live instruments and a choir of joyful breathing beings. Harald Kräuter and Serena Dalpalu are students of Heinz-Gerd and Lera Lange and completed the Live Mastery program and Breath Mastery Programm.

„Music and Breathwork“ with Robin Lawley

I have been deeply involved in the world of conscious breathing and music now for almost 40 years! During lockdown I have been conducting online breathwork sessions using music to set the scene, stimulate emotional healing or simply as a means of deep relaxation. In this workshop, I will share my experiences in this field followed by a full breathwork session, of course using music!

„Even the way I breathe is wrong!“ Breathing and trauma explored with Self-encounters with Prof. Dr. Franz Ruppert

In the last 30 years I have devoloped the Identity oriented Psychotraumatheory (IoPT) and the Intentionmethod. Based on this one can make self-encounters to deal with one\’s own intentions. In this workshop I offer 1 – 2 self-encounters focused on the issue of breath. Together we will learn how traumatic life experiences are influencing our breath and breathing. We will also see how trauma integration can improve healthy breathing.

„The sacred seven“ – our ancestors, our roots – with Andrea Strübl

We will start with a very powerful ritual, feel your direct ancestors and detect hidden beliefs. Afterwards dive deep with your connected breath, let go of what you no longer need. Take new energy and lightness into your life!!!!

„Reach for the stars“ – Your energy follows your attention! – with Andrea Strübl

So let´s do this amazing pineal gland breath and start up in the next dimension. This kind of breath will help you to change your mind and create a new life. Enjoy this surprise!!!!

„Shake and Breathe“ – with Ana Berenguer

Breathwork and Body Shaking are my two favourite healing tools. I’ve learned with Alakh Analda, David Berceli and Ratu Bagus. In this session I mix their teachings to free body blockages and cellular memories. Shaking is a powerful tool that our body has naturally to balance our nervous system and to release tension and trauma from our physical and emotional body. Combined with Breathwork, helps regain our inner balance and reset our energy body.

Conscious Breathing in the Classroom Training – and International Livestream!  with JoAnn Lowell and Luc Maertens

Wednesday Aug 10th, 3:00 to 6:00pm CEST

 What if every teacher in every school on the planet was able to bring conscious breathing into the daily lives of the students in their classrooms? Can you imagine how that could change the world?! Creators JoAnn Lowell and Luc Maertens from ‚IBF Conscious Breathing in the Classroom‘ group will offer a quick and easy training for conscious breath practitioners, teachers, parents and conscious breathers to bring this conscious breathing program back to their home countries. Www.TheBreathingClassroom.com

NOTE: All participants will need to PRE-register online in order to receive the PDF of the manual. Register here https://goo.gl/forms/89OhTnSFMNXO9C8o1

Breath of Fire : HA-KA! with Danielle De Wilde & Fabienne Doyen

In times of major upheavals it is good to find refuge in practices that have endured and helped human survival. Representatives of other cultures who have strong contact with ancestral wisdom and nature can initiate us and help to remember our common destiny. Daniëlle De Wilde (national representative IBF Belgium and previous member Executive team ) and Fabienne Doyen (previous member Exeutive team, and co-organizors of GIC 2012 Belgium got permission from Maori Elder, Toroa Aperaham to teach a specific HAKA adapted to the modern world. HA (Breath) and KA (Fire), HAKA is not just a warrior or sports ritual, this ceremony performed during transitions promotes the expression of belonging, strength, passion, solidarity & bonds. Speaking the primordial language the whole body is mobilized. This practice awakens the memory of rites of our own ancestors as we are all natives of the planet.

GetHighOnYourOwnSupply with Phillip Friedel

8. August 2022

Hi, my name is Phillip and I am the founder of GetHighOnYourOwnSupply. Through my experiences of the WimHof method, Holotropic Breathwork and BBTRS, I created a journey that I called GetHighOnYourOwnSupply. In about 50 minutes, I take people on a journey of 8 rounds. We pedulate between activation and relaxation in form of a breath hold. From round to round, we will dive deeper and deeper into the experience. I guide with my voice and specific frequencies to active certain chakras.

Taiko Trommel with Nils Tannert

Nils Tannert has been playing and working in the field of music for over four decades now.
His inner direction is to touch, enliven and transform people through the fascination of music and to set the impulse for a „new“ self-experience.
As a seminar leader, he is empathic and knows how to awaken hidden potential in participants.
Through his down-to-earth and humorous manner, he creates a very special experience for the participants.
His musical influences are shaped by his studies in Brazilian, Japanese, Cuban and African music.
He has completed classical studies in percussion.
Since 2001 he has been fascinated by the power and clarity of Japanese Taiko, which he has been able to pass on to many enthusiastic people in his seminars.
At the GIC, he will be performing at the opening ceremony, as well as in concerts and his Taiko workshops.

Taiko is a Japanese big drum played standing up and with sticks.
It gives us the opportunity to feel our power and love of life, as well as to rebalance into our centring.

„How to embody who I am? How to embody God’s love?“ with Renate de Bruyn-Hammans

 I was asked from the spirit world if I would offer a workshop on \“How to embody who I am? How to embody God\’s love?\“ My heart jumped and said YES, my mind was holding back, my body reacted with a headache. But then I remembered who I really am. Of which I am deeply convinced that we are ALL. – CHILDREN OF GOD ! We live in times in which everything is possible, also to live our divinity in our body, here on earth! Contents of the workshop: After a short introduction it goes directly into the practice. With the help of the breath we set out to experience the unity with God physically. We forgive ourselves for believing that we are separate from God and ask Jesus for his support for the coming experience. With our breathing we explore our true I AM. I am incredibly excited about the workshop and the experiences we will have as a group and each of us individually. I am convinced that it is possible to experience God\’s love not only as a spiritual construct, but holistically in body, mind and soul. I am happy to create the framework for this. Are you in on the experiment?

„Deep Ecology and Breathwork“ with Mirabai, Fey and Josh

We offer a 3 hour Deep Ecology and Breathwork workshop using ceremony, meditation and conscious connected breathwork. In this workshop we will share our experiences of what deep ecology is and how it can influence our work and life. We will acknowledge our personal grief for the earth and all beings; and we will take responsibility. 

After a short introduction and movement meditation, we will form a ‚Council of All Beings‘ where we invite a ‚being‘ (animal, plant, earth) to be with each individual. In the Council we invite these beings to express through us, and as humans we will listen deeply. 

This is not role playing but deep connection and expression of life and our intimate relationship with it. This is the ‚work that reconnects‘ humanity with the natural world, an Eco-centric rather than ego-centric worldview. We will use conscious connected breathing (breathwork) in the Council and in the integration process. We will explore ways to take this wisdom forward in ourselves and in the world.

„Healing sound trance journey“ with Nalini Bettina Kuhlmann

Nalini invites us on a healing sound trance journey. We are carried and feel safe in the universal sound frequencies of the gongs, the archaic sound instruments and her voice.

In the sensitive playing of her instruments and her profound soul singing, she weaves an elixir of touching and dynamic sound mandalas that vibrate at the deepest cell level. This opens up a wide space in which we can listen to the sound of our own soul. This has a harmonizing, revitalizing and regenerating effect. We immerse ourselves in our being as it IS and as it changes, in LOVE, we experience sound & voice & dynamics & stillness & being…
On her long-standing heart journey, Nalini traveled through Europe and to the Jordan with her gongs and healing sounds.
In concerts as a soloist and with various musicians, in expressive and trancedance, in workshops and individual applications, in nightly GongPujas, Lomi Lomi and sound massages, in rituals and cocoa ceremonies, she expresses this devotion with her warm and inspiring nature …
“Born to dance on earth. Blossom in becoming and being. Swinging the blade, singing, devoting and weaving myself into the dance of life.” Nalini B. Kuhlmann.
Nalini offers her workshop on „Healing Frequencies“. Together we create a sound healing circle in which we immerse ourselves in dealing with different sound instruments.

Our own voice is the most powerful healing tool! Here we explore our own individual tone. In chakra tones we open the inner space of self-resonance and support the harmonization of our energy centers.

„Atem & Bewusstsein“ with Dr. Ruediger Dahlke

Workshop on Breath & Consciousness followed by guided meditation. Personal details: I have been practising Za-zen for over 40 years and it has brought me so much. But the deepest meditation experiences I had were with connected breath… I have been eating meatless for almost 50 years. The most relieving experiences have come from connected breath… I’ve been meditating for 55 years and wouldn’t want to miss any of them. The most uplifting experiences have come from connected breath… I have been eating vegan for 15 years and enjoy it every day. The most healing experiences were brought to me by the connected breath… I have been fasting regularly for 50 years and find it a wonderful gift. The most beautiful gifts I received were from the connected breath…

„Breathe love into your life through Trans Breath™“ with Julie King

Trans Breath™ is a multi-disciplinary program that combines multiple healing modalities.  Deep connected breath consists of engaging the solar plexus and the heart center.  Igniting the pranayama and spreading its potent medicine through every cell of the being.  It enables us to connect to our Divinity and peace within without having to hash up old traumas or anxieties, resulting in a gentle integration of the experience. 

„Experience Hypnobreath – A unique combination of hypnosis, breathing techniques and music.“ with Fabian Ries

I am a psychologist, author and founder of Hypnobreath©. It’s best if you experience it for yourself or listen to it: https://www.fabianries.de/kostprobe/ It’s an interesting breathing meditation that helps with sleep problems, depression, stress and spiritual development (just the great advantages of breathwork). The highlight is that by breathing rhythmically, you already enter a trance. Then the hypnosis works even better. In this way, I combine millennia-old techniques and bring them into the 21st century.

„Open your Heart – Breath Awareness and Family Constellations“ with Alicia Velazquez

Are you ready to open your heart? Do you mainly use your mental and will centers to keep your emotions closed? Have you experienced a broken heart or given away your heart? Do you feel your heart closed with anger or resentment? Have you been able to release, let go and forgive past relationships or these cords are still attached? Are you ready to let go of your defenses and experience vulnerability? Are you longing for connection with other human beings and with spirit? If you said yes to all the questions above then you are ready to surrender to your heart and feel the magic inside so that you will be able to see from your heart \“It is only in the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.\“ The Little Prince. May we return to the Heart source to feel the love for ourselves and for all beings. May we reconnect with Spiritual beings to receive their love and blessings. I use a combination of wonderful therapeutic modalities such as Brennan Healing Science®, Transformational Breath®, Family Constellations and Channeled Meditations.

„Trauma & Spirituality“ with Micha Madhava Müller

How to deal with shame as facilitator?

You are giving workshops, talks or work with people as a facilitator? Toxic shame will be a topic for most of us. How can we detect shame? How do we deal with that? Shame is the most underestimated trauma we have to deal with. It is hard to detect and it is causing stress, which diminishes our skills to support people in their process.
Let’s talk about shame and vulnerability. Let’s find our way back to our vulnerability, the space inside where we can transform shame and fear into love. Micha Madhava is a certified Learning Love Teacher (Krish & Amana Trobe) and trauma informed mentor for vulnerability.

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