Reflection of the prenatal world of being in the postnatal world of living“ – Dr. Ludwig Janus

Ludwig Janus, born 1939, MD, psychotherapist in private practice in Dossenheim near Heidelberg.
100+ publications on prenatal psychology and psychohistory. More than 10 books many a must read for respiratory therapists e.g. How the Soul Emerges, Experiencing the Soul before and after Birth. Textbook of Prenatal Psychology etc. Member of the „International Society for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine“ (ISPPM), of the „German Society for Psychohistorical Research and Political Psychology“ (DGPPP) and the Association for „Bonding Analysis according to Hidas and Raffai“, Director of the „Institute for Prenatal Psychology and Medicine“ in Heidelberg, ,

07. August 2022

Connected breath and transformation – Reaching higher states of consciousness with the breath, breath as a path of development“ – Dr. Rüdiger Dahlke

has been working as a doctor, author and seminar leader for a good 40 years. He leads fasting and meditation seminars, training in „Integral Medicine“ live and online, in „Connected Breath“ and „Image and Water Therapy“ all at his TamanGa centre in southern Austria. His many-and-70 books in 28 languages and approx. 300 translations, ranging from illness as a path to illness as a symbol, established psychosomatics reaching into spiritual dimensions. His commitment to the „field of contagious health“ is reflected, among other things, in the Peace Food series, which popularised whole-food plant-based diets. His basic principles are The Laws of Fate, The Shadow Principle and Life Principles.

He gives his seminars, fasting weeks and trainings in TamanGa in southern Austria, and writes his books in Paphos, Cyprus, where he has been living since 2018. In recent years, his online presence has increased on the platform and in trainings via „Younity“.

08. August 2022

„Breathe,  stay in your body and feel the waves of pain“ – Breath and Trauma from the perspective of Identity oriented Psychotraumatheory (IoPT) – Professor Franz Ruppert

is a German psychotraumatologist who works as a professor of psychology at the Catholic Foundation College in Munich and as a psychological psychotherapist in his own practice in Munich. Since 2000, he has developed the scientifically unrecognised Identity-Oriented Psychotrauma Therapy.

09. August 2022

Consciousness as our Daily Bread –  The Importance and Benefits of thoroughly Integrating our Biography“ – Tilke Platteel-Deur

Since 1977, Tilke Platteel-Deur works both individually and in groups as breathwork therapist, coach, supervisor, and trainer. 

She did intensive training in Voice Dialgoue with Hal & Sidra Stone, and studied NLP as well as Family Constellations with Bert Hellinger, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Polarity therapy and massage. She is Avatar Master.

She has been president of the IBF and currently a member of the Board of Directors of the Global Professional Breathwork Alliance.

She co-founded the Institute for Integrative Breath Therapy ®.

10. August 2022

Breath unites – People and hearts, science and spirit“ – Heinz Gerd Lange

is an international lecturer, seminar leader and trainer for breathwork, metaphysics and personal transformation. He has been holding self-healing seminars and transformation work for over 28 years, and specialises in re-patterning, bioenergetic integrity and profound, positive life changes. Heinz Gerd has studied and trained seven different breathwork approaches. His resources also include Inner Child Healing, Voice Dialogue, family and relationship dynamics, NLP, Tantra, body and energy work and various other modalities.

11. August 2022

Meditation and the impact on your brain – a neurologists’ view“ – Prof Dr Steven Laureys MD PhD

Professor Steven Laureys is a world-renowned neurologist who has been researching the human mind and consciousness with his team for more than 25 years. Director of research at the Belgian Ntional Fund for Scientific Research, Dr Laureys is founding director of the GIGA Consciousness & Brain Centre (University and University Hospital of Liège). Most of his work as a clinician is devoted to helping patients with brain damage or concussion and stress related symptoms. Professor Laureys is co-initiator and signee of the Cambridge declaration on consciousness in human and non-human animals (2012) and defender of animal wellbeing.

12. August 2022 – Online lecture